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HSE Management & Governance

At Wanhua, we follow the spirit of “green” science and technology to benefit the community.  We have answered the call to conserve energy and reduce emissions.  With a spirit of caring and respect for society, we wish to reach out to our community, provide for education and give back.

We hold to independent innovation, creating a low-carbon economy. Through improving engineering systems and implementing new technology and process equipment we will achieve a decrease in costs and energy use, increase energy conservation efficiency and strengthen the dependability of all our plants.

Wanhua consistently learns and innovates around our safety management concepts. At the same time, by introducing HSE managerial experience from global companies as DuPont, BP and General Motors, combined with our current situation, Wanhua put together a series of HSE management practices known as the ten safety concepts, inviolable regulations, a regional safety responsibility system and full involvement etc. The company takes “zero injuries, zero accidents, zero pollution” as the goal, and has formed an HSE management system with 15 core elements, 53 sub-elements and 243 requirements. By using concepts, goals and a system to guide the behaviors of the employees, we have seen a constant increase in employee awareness.

Ten Safety Concepts of Wanhua

Never compromise on safety.
My area safety, my responsibility.
Every employee is responsible and accountable for safety of himself and others.
All accidents are preventable.
Safety is precondition of all jobs.
Near miss means accident.
All deficiencies must be corrected promptly.
Good safety is good business.
Working safely is a condition of employment.
You will achieve the level of safety excellence that you demonstrate you want.

Implementation: All Employee Involved

In Wanhua, we advocate a safety culture with all employee involved:
Safety Responsibility of All Employee;
Safety Commitment of All Employee;
Safety Training of All Employee;
Safety Audit of All Employee;
Accident Investigation of All Employee


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