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Wanhua Chemical Declares War on Fraud

1. Reporting content: Wanhua Chemical welcomes any kind of reports regarding any activities against Law, Wanhua Regulations, Code of Conduct, or harming interests of Wanhua or its staff.

2.Reward: Wanhua Chemical would like to pay 10% to 20% savings according to the reported cases or ill-gotten benefits verified by judicial authority, the top of the reward for a single report is 200,000RMB.

3.Wanhua commitment: All Complaints submitted to Wanhua Chemical will be handled exclusively by company’s procedure , all reportor’s information are confidential.


Alleged suspect: XXX

Facts: XX activities in XX project/business process/investigation/tender , on what date(As detailed as possible

Evidence: Transaction record/Photo/Voice record/Video record,etc. (detailed clue or evidence)

Informant: XX (could be anonymity)

Contact information: Telephone/E-mail address/QQ/Wechat,etc.

Please keep in touch with us, so that we can clear some issues and cashing in your reward after the investigation. Wanhua chemical will not investigate the report without clear clue, evidence or no further contact.

5.Reporting methods:

  5.1 Telephone: 0535-8203820(inner line 63820)(24H)

  5.2 E-mail: whjc@whchem.com (checked everyday)

  5.3 Face to face: Direct reporting at time and place according to the appointment

  5.4 Mail: Room 1020, Building to the south of the factory , 59 Chong Qing Street, YEDA YanTai, Shandong Province (Zip code:264006)