2018-12-03 13:20:00

Wanhua Chemical Co-hosts Low VOC Environmental Protection Technology Seminar

On December 3, 2018, the grand opening ceremony of the Explore, Innovate & Share, Future Low VOC Environmental Protection Technology Seminar and the 2018 Annual Meeting of the CATANIA, was jointly held by the Auto Lightweight Non-metal Materials Industrial Alliance (CATANIA) and Wanhua Chemical in Guangzhou. Experts and scholars in the field of automotive coatings gathered in Guangzhou to discuss the development trend of green and environmental protection in the automotive coatings industry in the future.

Wanhua Chemical Performance Chemicals Business Unit attended the meeting and delivered a speech on the theme "Wanhua Chemical’s Path to Sustainability". The speech was oriented on the concept and practice of sustainable development, focused on "Wanhua Chemical 's reasons for taking the path to sustainable development", "Wanhua Chemical's achievements in sustainable development" and "Wanhua Chemical's practice sharing in sustainable development", and promoted the realization of the goal of sustainable development in the six aspects of health and safety, water resources protection, energy and climate change, social responsibility, economic benefits, innovation and green products in combination with Wanhua Chemical 's methods of promoting sustainable development.

With the improvement of national requirements for safety and environmental protection, the automotive coating industry is now facing higher environmental pressure. Environmental compliance and low VOC have become the future development trend of the automotive coating industry. Wanhua Chemical's experience in sustainable development from theory to practice provides a new idea for the industry. In the future, Wanhua Chemical will take its responsibilities and keep moving forward, contributing its own strength to the healthy development of the car coating industry.